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6 tips when visiting a barber shop

Making the decision to try a new barbershop can be a daunting task. One that’s enough to your anxiety levels through the roof! A lot of us are adverse to change. Even more so when it comes to switching up the person who cuts our hair! Here are 6 tips to help bring that heart rate right down.

1. Research the shop

Most people run a Google search for a restaurant before they visit and it’s really no different when searching for a new barbershop. Google reviews can give you a good indication of the standards you can expect.

Checking out the store’s website and Instagram is another thing you should consider doing. A lot of barbershops will have profiles of their barbers listing details of their teams’ skills and experience and some examples of their work. It all helps when deciding whether the shop looks right for you.

2. Show your barber some pictures

Barber’s are a visual bunch so showing them a few photos of the haircut you want is never a bad thing! In fact it’s more helpful than you know. It’ll also save you the hassle of trying to explain a cut you don’t know the name of. After all there’s a lot more barbering jargons these days with what seems like a thousand different ways to describe a short back and sides!

3. Ask as many questions as you want!

You’re paying for a service therefore you’re in charge. If there’s something bugging you, just shout up! It might be that you want to go a little shorter or you’re not sure why your barber is cutting your fringe that way. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to ask. Barbers would rather you said there and then than after the haircut is done. The last thing they want is for you to the shop feeling unsatisfied!

4. Have a style in mind before you sit in the chair

Now it’s not to say that you need to know exactly what you want as it’s a barber’s job to provide that expert advice. But it does help if you’ve given it a bit of thought! If you’re struggling for inspiration, feel free to pick up the phone, slide in our DM’s or drop us an email before you come in for your appointment. Our friendly team is always on hand to assist and make recommendations. If you haven’t got time for that don’t worry! That’s what a great consultation is all about…

5. Make sure you get a consultation

If your barber doesn’t give you a consultation before picking up the tools then the likelihood is you’ll be sitting there for the next half hour sweating, thinking, “What the hell am I going to end up with here?” You really don’t want that.

The consultation is all about understanding what it is you want from your hair and how the barber can best achieve this for you. It’s an essential part of the process and a great way to build an instant rapport between customer and barber.

If the barber skips over this, forget about it. You’ve gone to the wrong place.

6. Be honest with yourself

It’s a barber’s responsibility to deliver you with a great haircut but more importantly one that suits your lifestyle. If you know you’re not a person that’s going to spend 10 minutes of your morning in the mirror styling your hair then don’t ask for a style that’s going to require that! It’ll only lead to you feeling annoyed that you can’t replicate the finished style you got whilst sat in the barber’s chair!

A good barber will take into consideration your lifestyle and incorporate that into the haircut. But do be realistic with them. They do not mind readers remember!