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5 short men’s haircuts for spring/summer

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Had enough of your long locks and thinking of trimming them down for summer? Here are a few short haircuts to give you some inspiration. Remember gents; it’ll grow back if you don’t like it! Be brave!

Buzz cut, mid skin fade and shape up

Done well, this is one of the cleanest cuts out there. You don’t have to worry about styling in the morning, but you’ll have to go see your barber every couple of weeks if you want to keep the trim looking fresh.

Ask your barber for…

Grade 2 or 3 on top. Mid skin fade on the back and sides. Sharp shape up on the fringe and beard.

Who’s had this haircut?

Eden Hazard, Anthony Joshua, Jamie Foxx and Drake.

Textured crop and skin fade

This style is great for anyone looking for a trendy versatile look. Most face shapes and hair types will find this hairstyle very flattering. Avoid if you have a round face.

Ask your barber for…

A texturized choppy look on top with some of the weight taken out. A short, blunt fringe and a mid-skin fade around the back and sides.

Who’s had this haircut?

Mike McMeeken, Callum Chambers and Connor Durman.

Short side sweep

You can’t go wrong with this popular look. It’s smart and has class. Be prepared to allow some time for daily styling with a good clay or wax.

Ask your barber for…

A soft scissor cut on top with enough length left on the fringe so you can easily sweep to one side. Grade 1 on the back and sides with a very low 0 taper around the ears and neck.

Who’s had this haircut?

Ryan Gosling, Bruno Fernandes, Aaron Ramsey, Adam Levine and Gary Barlow.

The high and tight haircut

This cut will follow the natural contour of your head, resulting in a manly hairstyle. The cut is military inspired and is still going strong for men with attitude. Very cool.

Ask your barber for…

Grade 1 on top. High skin fade on the back and sides. Shape up on the fringe to give it a sharp finish (optional).

Who’s had this haircut?

Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Hardy and Karim Benzema.

Same grade all over

Sometimes less is more and that can certainly be said for a buzz all over. This uber simple trim can look effortlessly cool and is so easy to maintain. It looks even better if you have a beard.

Ask your barber for…

This all depends on how short you want to go obviously. We’d say a grade 1.5 all over looks the best. Left rugged with no shape up.

Who’s had this haircut?

Justin Timberlake, Zayn Malik, Channing Tatum and David Beckham.